About Us

Your Accountability Journal was established in 2019 with one simple goal in mind. Give people the tools they need to live a happier and higher quality of life. 


Your Accountability Journal was founded and is run by health coach Matt Johnson. Matt has over 6 years’ experience in the fitness industry working alongside all types of clients, all the way from New Zealand athletes to the average gym goer. 


Over this time Matt discovered one common difference between those who succeed, and those who did not. Those who did not set goals and track their progress would usually fail.


Often people working with a health coach know roughly what they should be doing to succeed, but they struggle putting it all together and stay accountable. Matt knew this accountability was a crucial part to one’s success and looked for a way he could get it to as many people as possible, all across the globe. This is how Your Accountability Journal was created. 


To give people the tools they need to reach their health and wellness goals so humanity can experience a higher quality of life